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of deserts of northern Africa and southern Asia

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However, the lions may have contact with other wild-living felids such as the African wild cat (Felts silvestris lybica), small spotted cat (Felis nigripes), and the caracal (Caracal caracal) which are endemic to the region.
The objective of this research is to analyze studbook data for the captive population of caracal (Caracal caracal), a small African felid, maintained in forty-one North American facilities.
Species in the study area and scat samples could belong to the Arabian leopard (Panthera pardus nimr), caracal (Caracal caracal), grey wolf (Canis lupus), striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena), Arabian tahr (Hemitragus jayakari) and Arabian gazelle (Gazella gazella).
Key mammal species include the caracal (Caracal caracal) and the Arabian tahr (Arabitragus jayakari), both endangered, while it is believed possible that Arabian leopard (Panthera pardus nimr) may also survive in the vicinity, although this is unproven.