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Caption: In 1940, some Belgian reservists were still armed with the Carabine pour Mitrailleurs, Batteries d'Infanterie et Agents de Transmission Modele 1916.
Third Lanark: Muir, Carabine, Johnstone, Blair, Kirkland, McInnes, Hart, Mason, Dewar, Kennedy, Kinnaird.
1846 Carabine a tige and retained many of the French design features, the most notable being the long range adjustable rear sight.
Deirdre Carabine, John Scottus Eriugena (NewYork: Oxford University Press, 2000), 29.
Hear the acoustic-folk duo of Canadians Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther, March 20 at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center.
Throughout Conrad's Secrets Hampson thus pairs historical contextualisation with extended close readings that frequently engage conversationally with readings given by other Conrad scholars such as Keith Carabine, Cedric Watts and Susan Jones.
Dick Carabine, chair of Govan Community Council, said yesterday: "He's done everything there is to do in football.
Carabine argues that confession as practiced by Razumov, whom he interprets as a double for the author, stands as Conrad's attempt to manage the trauma of his past as a colonial subject and the son of a patriot and revolutionary.
10, 1927, in Derry, Ireland, to Cornelius and Annie Carabine Harkin.
Burdock and Carabine reviewed the safety assessment of sandalwood oil and [alpha]-santalol and concluded that consumption of sandalwood oil is considered safe at present use levels (Burdock and Carabin 2008).
As regards darkness and light, Deirdre Carabine concedes Eriugena to remain on the Dionysian side of the canvas, but recognizes the blind look of the eyeless mind of Dionysius to be replaced in Eriugena with a real not seeing of the eyes, or with seeing in clouds in which the God is supposed to remain hidden (Carabine 1994:147-149, see also Carabine 1995).
En verdad, como senala Carabine, la division de Natura postulada por el irlandes parece un calco directo de lo que afirmo Filon acerca de los numeros:
The arsenal of weapons he was linked to included a Belgian Fabrique National Carabine automatic rifle, an Israeli Galil light machine gun, a Swiss SG 543 assault rifle, a .
Carabine, The Unknown God: Negative Theology in the Platonic Tradition: From Plato to Eriugena [Louvain Theological and Pastoral Monographies 19], Louvain, 1993; M.
If you're in need of a few laughs, Funnyman Lenny Henry should keep the crowd amused at the Andersonstown Leisure Centre on Thursday, August 5, with homegrown talent Seamus Carabine, warming up for him.