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a lot where cars are parked

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I had an opportunity to chat briefly with one staff member remarking about the car-park, and it was revealed that this person has to arrive at 5am to find a place.
It may be a minor issue to those with guaranteed shaded car-parks, but I think it is about time the responsible people sat up and took notice of it and seriously gave the car parking problem some attention, if the hospital is to meet its vision.
Parking patrol officers will be able to access the system to check all the vehicles in a car-park that have been paid for under the system.
Now they are building on the other car park for the Rope Walk they perhaps need the extra fees from this car-park but it's not a good enough reason.
A Gwynedd Council spokesman said: "Any income raised from car parking fees in the council car-parks is reinvested in the parking provision across the county.