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the violent theft of an occupied car

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The club and both players insisted they were fine following an attempted car-jacking - but it is understood Emery spoke to them ahead of the game and decided not to involve them.
He was also an accused in various cases of robberies, attempt to murder and was an accused in more than 100 car-jackings of luxury vehicles from across the Delhi, NCR region.
A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "Police were called to Dickens Heath Road inSolihulljust before 7pm on Thursday (June 20) to a report of a car-jacking.
A statement from the force read: "Police were called just after 11.15pm on Monday to reports of a car-jacking on the junction of Barclay Road and Upper St Mary's Road in Smethwick.
On Friday, January 26, a 41-year-old man was bottled and punched by two teenage boys in Forbes Place, Paisley in an attempted car-jacking.
A GOOD Samaritan car driver was threatened with a knife during an attempted car-jacking.
Speaking after Dewani was acquitted at Western Cape High Court, Anni's sister Ami Denborg said the family felt "failed" by the justice system, having waited four years for the case to be brought against the 34-year-old businessman wrongly accused of staging the car-jacking in which she was gunned down.
Well, maybe that's a rose-tinted way of looking at Emmerdale's Ross Barton, a car-jacking, drug-dealing thug - but he did save a child from the path of a speeding car (hot).
Hussain informed via twitter that an "armed dacoity and car-jacking" took place at his house here on Monday via his official Twitter account.
Science, philosophy, religion and science fiction blend in a satisfying, fine thriller that examines life after death in telling of a particle physicist who strives to protect his young daughter from harm, even after he's killed in a car-jacking on his way to Switzerland to investigate breakthroughs at the Large Hadron Collider.
| The car-jacking is still having repercussions in Emmerdale
The suspects were said to be members of a car-jacking gang, although a source in the FC said they were involved in terrorist activities.
A MAN who took part in a terrifying car-jacking has been jailed for two years.
Fernando Caceres and Salvador Cabanas almost died in shootings while Juan Carlos Silva took a bullet in the bum during a car-jacking.
However, minor banditry activities and car-jacking were reported in North Darfur.