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the violent theft of an occupied car

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Prosecutors said bisexual Dewani had long planned to get out of the relationship to Anni, 28, and arranged a car-jacking on their honeymoon in Cape Town in 2010 in which he would escape unharmed and Anni would be killed.
Michael Aron, the UK's ambassador to Libya, wrote on Twitter: "There was an attempted car-jacking on a British Embassy convoy this morning.
A MAN who took part in a terrifying car-jacking has been jailed for two years.
When a car-jacking by three teenagers goes badly wrong, his family are kidnapped and the crims want him to retrieve incriminating evidence from the car-jacking or his family will suffer.
Fernando Caceres and Salvador Cabanas almost died in shootings while Juan Carlos Silva took a bullet in the bum during a car-jacking.
However, minor banditry activities and car-jacking were reported in North Darfur.
ANOTHER three people were arrested yesterday over the murder of a man in an attempted car-jacking.
Armed police swooped to arrest two Teesside men after an armed car-jacking in Darlington.
95) whips through the action as it tells of a car-jacking, a banker's murder, and a subsequent kidnapping with a puzzling corpse.
This happens when a couple of adolescent, car-jacking punks (Jonathan Tucker and Ben Foster) break into a rich accountant's mountain enclave (the compound is straight out of Shangri-La), attempt to steal his pricey SUV and end up, through a series of unfortunate events that would even bum out Lemony Snicket, taking the pencil pusher (Kevin Pollack), his adolescent daughter (Michelle Horn) and adorable tot son (Jimmy Bennett) hostage.
The motive for the attack is unclear but police say it does not appear to have been a car-jacking.
I have just been the victim of a car-jacking incident and am not sure where I stand legally?
Police are appealing for information following an attempted car-jacking of a sports car in the Black Country.
BOSTON -- A Roxbury man was charged today in federal court with car-jacking and being in possession of a firearm during a crime of violence.
With automatic bank teller machines switched off at night, there has been a sharp decline in car-jacking.