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the violent theft of an occupied car

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A MAN was dragged from his car by a thief who car-jacked him in daylight near a Cardiff shopping street.
The peacekeeping mission also reported that three unidentified gunmen car-jacked a vehicle belonging to a UN agency in El Geneina on 21 June.
A 76-YEAR-OLD man was car-jacked in a Liverpool park and the thief drove his car over his leg.
POLICE have found the car stolen on Tuesday night in Frenaros by an unknown thief who car-jacked a man in Frenaros, making off with the car and a briefcase with around e1/470,000 belonging to the driver.
A taxi driver was car-jacked by machete-wielding robbers.
Let's just say it's the closet we've all ever come to being car-jacked, and leave it at that.