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a waiter at a drive-in restaurant

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A longtime fast food industry manager, Cravens said the Wenatchee Sonic will tie up traffic, do a respectable sales volume, and bring back the nostalgia of the 1950's car-hops, even though gas prices are going higher.
Craven said it will take about three months to build the 28-stall car-hop drive-in, which will employ around 110 people.
I thought young men asking fathers' permission to marry their daughters went out with ``Ozzie and Harriet'' and car-hop service, but I must have been wrong.
McDonald's restaurants have been around since the 1930s consisting of car-hop drive-ins started by Ray Kroc.
Inspired by car-hop restaurants in Los Angeles, the elder Weiss opened a chain that spread quickly throughout Northern and Central California.
McDonald and his brother Maurice, known as Mac, first opened a car-hop barbecue restaurant in San Bernardino, California in 1940.
Many franchises opened up, mostly as car-hops throughout the United States.
Located on Highway 51, South, later known as First Street, in Brookhaven, [the structure] was built as [a restaurant] with car-hops, a very unique feature at the time.