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an extra component of a machine or other apparatus

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ECAR*, an association orchestrating a European-wide campaign for the freedom of the market for car spare parts and repairs, has some reservations about the agreement the EU Council of Ministers and the European Parliament reached on June 24 on the Directive concerning legal protection for industrial designs and models.
The train consists of 41 containers carrying equipment, machineries and car spare parts. The consignment is worth $1.5 million.
More than 30 manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medicines, medical equipment, herbal medicines, car spare parts, electronic equipment, petrochemicals and chemical substances, as well as those engaged in textile and related industries, health tourism accompany Gholamhossein Shafi.
A warrant was also issued against Alex Maina Nderitu who is accused of conspiring to defraud the government of Sh50 million by unlawfully concealing imported household goods and car spare parts as machinery.
Michelle Maddison ElringKlinger, German car spare parts manufacturer, has issued a warning over trade barriers
In a statement to Jordan News Agency, Petra, he said the private sector is willing to benefit from the Brazilian market and its diverse products including foodstuffs, meat, poultry, car spare parts and heavy industries.
Cargo carried on the route includes perishables (food products, flowers), pharma, car spare parts for import and food products, aircraft and helicopter spare parts for export.
A man in Abu Dhabi has been sentenced to one year in prison after he was accused of thrashing a metal scrap dealer and breaking his jaw when the latter tried to stop him from stealing old car spare parts from his store at night.
The Indian nationals were in the labour accommodation which was part of the property owned by Mohamed Mahmood Alkooheji Trading and used to store car spare parts and tyres.
In the field of consignments, the organisation released more than 35,000 consignments to conform to the technical regulations and approved Qatari standards, which included rebar, bricks, interlock, gabro and electrical equipment, cosmetics, tyres, toys and packaging, as well as car spare parts, used and others.
The Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi (ADDED) has confiscated over 10,500 counterfeit car spare parts in a residential area in Al Ain as part of its efforts and cooperation with Al Ain Municipality to combat commercial fraud and in response to the many complaints received from consumers.
Further, 11,970 industrial containers were imported, consisting of steel, cement, car spare parts, clothing, and tableware, while the total rejected industrial goods amounted to 165 containers, including detergents, ceramics, toys, lamps, cut stones, and abrasives.
The main products exported are olive oil, electrical switches and accessories, trisodium phosphate, margarine, electric lamps, olive and fruit tree seedlings, car spare parts, biscuits and chocolate.
Now he lives in Thessaloniki, Greece and he works in a shop selling car spare parts. He is happy there.
A group of Omani students has developed an app to save car owners the hassle of searching for affordable car spare parts in Oman.