motion sickness

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the state of being dizzy or nauseated because of the motions that occur while traveling in or on a moving vehicle

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The puppies I see going home between 8 and 9 weeks old are leaving during the imprint stage; if they get sick during that time, that's when we end up with dogs who get car sick for the next two years or so.
However, having a car sick child impacts on some families so much that two fifths (41%) avoid long journeys altogether.
Lynn Sloman's Car Sick - Solutions to a Cardependent Society claims too much room is taken up by the private cars, which do not leave enough safe space for people walking and cycling.
Treating sick or frail animals at home also prevents them from getting car sick and alleviates the anxiety of traveling to the veterinary hospital.
I USED to get car sick when I was a child and would take car sickness tablets.
I get car sick and I don't like flying, so this is a nightmare.
I used to get car sick when I read in cars, but now I have a baby that's one of the few times I get to read, so I do it all the time when I'm in traffic - apart from when I'm driving obviously, because that's still technically frowned upon in the Highway Code.
MORE than a third of parents say their children get car sick, with reading the most likely cause of turning them green, according to a new survey.
I was one of those annoying children who always felt car sick on long journeys and had to be pacified with polos and frequent visits to Little Chef.
Then there was bumping into Dai Davies in the team hotel before the FA Cup defeat at Everton; Ian Edwards' incredible volley at Derby; feeling car sick all the way to Nottingham Forest, only to arrive at the ground and discover the game had been fogged off; then going back again the following day and seeing a 3-1 win.
Unfortunately, he always gets car sick even on very short rides and he has been ill in my lovely car
whenever they encounter a modern convenience, get car sick at low speeds and should not be left by themselves around indoor plumbing.
When your brain gets mixed messages from this system, it becomes confused, and you get car sick.
Although they admitted that during the challenging twists and turns on the dunes there were times that they had felt car sick.
The figures emerged via freedom of information requests for tomorrow's BBC Scotland show Car Sick.