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oil used to lubricate the moving parts of a motor

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Also available are automatic car-wash and car oil change services.
granulous material (2%), and/or one each of the following: thorns, splinters, rotting wood fungus, Styrofoam, glass, car oil, nails, and gel.
Earlier, AGAS Lubes director Eric D'souza said the amount of oil in one car oil change could ruin an entire day's water supply in a place like Bahrain and, if not properly managed, could pollute land and water resources and pose severe hazards to health and the environment.
spare parts and car oil, Director of the Imports Committee in Gaza Raed
Storm drain runoff flooded the ocean with trash and contaminates like car oil that seep into the feathers of the pelicans, loosening the natural seal that keeps water from reaching the bird's bodies.
Waste oil from nearly three million car oil changes in Britain is not collected.
Waste oil from nearly 3m car oil changes is not collected.
For other items, hazardous waste arises at the end of their lives, such as car oil and CFCs.
Said the report: "Car ownership levels have risen by 100 per cent or more in many countries since 1973, and while car engines have become more efficient over the years, cars have also become bigger, heavier and more powerful", limiting fuel efficiency improvements and growing car oil use by almost 50 per cent between 1973 and 1998.
David Kendal Williams taught English; he was a dapper little man in a brown check suit, his hair was dark and crinkly and his eyes were the colour of Duckhams 20/50 car oil.
PAUL LOVERING used to change car oil and tyres before turning out for Clydebank on Saturday afternoons.
The next year, it received an order for the finished assembly work for a special police car oil cooler.
His technical knowledge and interest in United Reef's CAR oil & gas project combined with his industry experience bring substantial value to the Company and its management team.
Household and automotive: A window screen, 10 buckets, a rain gutter section, plunger, plastic zip ties, nuts, bolts, nails, hammer, fencing, a 50-foot piece of rope, cinder blocks, bricks, tiles, flooring, assorted lumber, metal and PVC pipes, hammer, laundry detergent, five burlap bags, paint rollers and brushes, pipe insulation, mattress, box spring, three propane tanks, seven sand bags, wire, chairs, patio table umbrella, clothespins, a car seat, bumper, two oil filters, car oil can, antifreeze, steering wheel and 44 tires.
When you go to change your car oil, you can also ask the technician to check your tyres for a more comprehensive check up.