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a navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver

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Japan-based Mazda (TYO: 7261) and Toyota (NYSE: TM), are collaborating on a Linux-based connected car navigation and entertainment system, according to reports.
A car navigation providing this same type of search by voice interaction has already been released in Japan under the ECLIPSE brand.
It modifies the look of the original smartphone application and formats it in a way that's easier to view on the car navigation screen.
Sunlight often shines directly on car navigation displays, making it hard to check navigation maps or rear camera images.
Through the combination of Renesas Electronics' mobile platforms and assets from the Nokia wireless modem business, Renesas Electronics and Renesas Mobile plan to strengthen their product offerings for devices incorporating LTE and HSPA+ infrastructure technologies for the growing cloud computing field and for markets of mobile phones and car navigation systems in emerging countries.
Pioneer, which provides both end users and automobile manufacturers with car electronics products that enrich the in-vehicle experience, has earned high praise for its Carrozzeria car navigation system.
These functions will be combined with Pioneer's manufacturing, software development, and map database editing capabilities, which will enable a overall car navigation business in the Chinese market.
Wolfson, whose components are used in products such as flat screen televisions, games consoles and TomTom car navigation systems, said backlogs of work for the fourth quarter had not built up as quickly as usual.
plan to sell movies on flash memory cards in Japan, enabling consumers to see movies on their mobile phone handsets and car navigation systems, sources close to the deal said Wednesday.
Summary: The Social and Cultural Development Association (INMA) and GIS Transport officially launched on Tuesday the "Toot, Toot Project," which is the "first car navigation system in Lebanon." The system utilizes Garmin GPS machines and now lists around 33,000 points of interest throughout Lebanon.
announces a system-on-chip (SoC) system with performance and capability enhancements for car navigation systems and other in-vehicle car information system products.
Zenrin DataCom has been distributing map-related content to mobile phones and car navigation systems.
said Tuesday it returned to profitability in the April-September period thanks partly to brisk sales of plasma displays, car navigation systems and other products.
Next year's gains will be driven by digital consumer electronics, flat-panel TVs and car navigation systems.
The company, which is owned by U.S.-based Brunswick Corp., designs and builds marine, wireless data and personal and car navigation systems.