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a powerful light with reflector

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This year, Croatia returned to its practice and uses the car lights from 15 November to 15 March.
Nine out of ten UK motorists questioned said they have flashed their car lights to alert fellow drivers of the need to switch on their headlights.
Almost all (99%) have been dazzled by oncoming traffic using full-beam headlights, while 90% have flashed their car lights to alert other drivers that they were driving without lights.
IN just one week we've read about a bloke being fined for feeding pigeons, another fined for flicking his fag ash out of the car window, a third for fixing his broken car lights at the side of the road and a woman in trouble for telling off a 12-year-old girl for swearing and being aggressive.
Tom Morgan Jones, prosecuting, said the car lights were turned off and it crashed.
Puncture a tire or run out of fuel, and the car lights up blue and emits tears (that's right, a crying car).
Migraine sufferer Mary Jackson, 50, from East Leak, Notts, said: "These headlights are quite piercing and they stand out from other car lights.
5 million drivers of faulty car lights peril, raising the danger of a shunt from behind.
Yet I found myself confronted by the most illogical assortment of car lights I have ever seen in 45 years of driving.
In 2009, they reported that seven out of every 100 were breaking the law by not ensuring their car lights are working properly and by using fog lights in clear conditions.
10am her car lights were off and she was swerving all over the road.
Dad James, 51, said: "All my wife saw was the car lights as it sped off.
MIRACLE: The car lights shine from the undergrowth just feet from the Lagan; "SCENE: Wrecked fence
MOTORISTS can get their car lights, tyres and exhaust checked free of charge at a Rugby repair centre.