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a powerful light with reflector

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Stay up-to-date with Intelligent LED Car Light Market research offered by HTF MI.
[USPRwire, Sun Nov 11 2018] Automotive laser lighting are car lights that use laser diodes to generate light instead of conventional car bulbs.
The survey also found men were more likely to leave car lights on with 33.82% admitting to doing it compared to 22.21% of women.
Protesters illuminated by the flashing red and blue of police car lights chanted, "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go."
The increased fuel consumption with car lights are on during the day costs Macedonian citizens five million euro annually.
Bayer's MaterialScience unit makes chemicals for insulation foam and plastics for data disks and car lights.Country: , GermanySector: ChemicalsTarget: Bayer's MaterialScience unitBuyer: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)Vendor: Bayer AGType: Divestment, Corporate acquisitionStatus: Denied
Slinking through suburban streets with its eyes flashing in the reflection of passing car lights, the urban fox - blamed for last week's mauling of twin baby girls is a common sight in British cities.
The pilot acknowledged seeing the flashing car lights on the runway.
'I've had a brilliant day but now I've a slight problem because I left my car lights on and the battery is flat.
At Willamette and Donald streets, the BMW rear-ended a black sport utility vehicle that had stopped because of the approaching patrol car lights. The street was blocked for 10 minutes and traffic was slowed for 40 minutes.
Tom Morgan Jones, prosecuting, said the car lights were turned off and it crashed.
Puncture a tire or run out of fuel, and the car lights up blue and emits tears (that's right, a crying car).
AM I the only person in South Wales who finds this modern trend of putting car lights on in broad daylight very irritating and potentially hazardous?
Recorder Edward Coke told Bashir - who turned off his car lights to make it "more difficult" for police - that it was only good fortune no-one had been injured or killed.