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the violent theft of an occupied car

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Colonel Jamal Al Jallaf, Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigation Department for Administration and Control, said "during summertime, thefts like house robberies, car jacking and mugging are most common".
Fortunately,car jacking is still rare even though there has been some high profile media reporting of luxury cars being stolen to order, sometimes through car jacking and threatening behaviour towards the driver.
Police are also investigating a car jacking on September 19 in Allesley Park, Coventry, and an attempted car jacking two days later in the city centre.
The police force is decimated; thievery and car jacking become rampant.
The coverage helps defray a broad range of expenses if the policyholder or a covered relative is the victim of a covered home invasion, child abduction, car jacking (except Florida) or stalking threat that occurs almost anywhere in the world.
Coo Coo comes straight out of Milwaukee with a sparse but hard-hitting beat and a fast earthy rap focused on community pride in a neighbourhood where car jacking, drug dealing and random violence is commonplace.
On routine patrol, Officer James Anderson, of the Danville, Indiana, Police Department responded to a car jacking in progress call.
In addition, Absolute Glass Protection products offer an extremely affordable solution to the continuing problems of theft, car jacking, and smash and grab related crimes.