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take someone's car from him by force, usually with the intention of stealing it

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I retrieved my pride with lateral thinking and my car jack. Not that everybody has a car jack these days, when many cars have a canister of expanding foam for flat tyres rather than a spare.
The pair discovered the front and rear wheels on the driver's side had disappeared and the car had been left propped up on the small car jack.
"My son was hit 11 times on his head and face with a car jack, his attacker kept on lashing out even though Jay was screaming out in pain and covered in blood.
"David got out of the car saying 'where's Jay?' "They pointed to the house and he went inside and I heard him shouting 'what happened?' and they pointed to the car jack which had blood on it.
Fermin allegedly had a car jack handle in his hands.
Daniel Davies has designed a small, light, car jack crafted for disabled people to help them lift the wheel into position for changing - such a device is currently unavailable in retail outlets.
Loner John Law hit mum of four Christine Dinnie with a car jack.
Using a car jack and a soldering iron, scientists ahve identified a prime suspect in a 17-year-old mystery of astrophysics.
A spokesman for West Midlands Fire and Rescue service said: "A car jack was used to release the squirrel which scampered away."
THE mother of a young boy who was hit 11 times with a car jack by another three-year-old boy today said she has won the right to compensation.
A local man viciously beat someone with an iron car jack in a fit of road rage, believing that the man had been following him down the road, a Dubai court heard yesterday.
At the touch of a button the Electric Car Jack will lift your car, making the job of changing a flat tyre so much easier!
A: Most insurers will meet the full cost of a car jack claim unless the claimant has completely disregarded their ``duty of care'' -for example leaving the keys in the ignition of the car while going to pay for petrol and then confronting the criminal while they are trying to steal the car.
Airbag car jack 'The idea came to me after I saw a well-dressed businessman struggling in the rain to jack his car up on the hard shoulder of the motorway.
Any self-respecting crack head that doesn't try and car jack a 16-year-old who looks 13 driving a Beemer should have his pipe taken away and be forced to get a real job.