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the violent theft of an occupied car

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k e e Police received a report of an attempted car hijacking in Templemore Avenue and two males and two females were arrested for riot and public order offences.
Revolution Studios and director Joe Roth bring to the screen Richard Price's "Freedomland," a highly-charged and gritty mystery of a car hijacking, a missing child and a neighborhood torn asunder, starring Samuel L.
A TEENAGER who claimed he was the victim of a car hijacking made the story up because he was frightened to tell his dad he had crashed the car while showing off, it has emerged.
Peter James Melvin, 23, believed to be living in the Yardley Wood area, is wanted for questioning over a brutal car hijacking in Yardley Wood in December, 1998, when the car driver was threatened with a knife and punched in the face.
A MAN accused of murder during a car hijacking two years ago appeared in court yesterday.
A WOMAN of 60 and a 25-year-old man were yesterday quizzed over the murder of a man in a botched car hijacking.
A WOMAN believed to be in her 80s needed hospital treatment yesterday after being thrown to the ground in a car hijacking yesterday.
Charles Moran, 23, pleaded guilty to nine charges including possession of a needle with intent, attacking with a syringe, robbery, endangerment, car hijacking, and false imprisonment at three shops in Drogheda, Co Louth.
Car hijacking, armed robbery and even kidnapping is far too common for comfort in the north of the country.
uk because there is a risk of car hijacking and armed robbery in some areas.
A teenager was remanded in custody by a crown court yesterday after he admitted responsibility for his part in the death of an elderly garage owner, who was run over as he tried to stop a car hijacking.
Now when rapid progress is being achieved in this respect, some violent and criminal elements in Swat have started resorting to kidnapping, looting, car hijacking and harassment and intimidation of peace loving Muslims of Malakand Division, he said.
Her mum, Leslie Ellerbeck, had been shot in the stomach in a bungled car hijacking in Johannesburg, South Africa, because she was too slow getting out from behind the steering wheel.