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Synonyms for feature

Synonyms for feature

Synonyms for feature

the characteristic parts of a person's face: eyes and nose and mouth and chin

a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine

(linguistics) a distinctive characteristic of a linguistic unit that serves to distinguish it from other units of the same kind

an article of merchandise that is displayed or advertised more than other articles

wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner


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The AING-5000 joins a portfolio of Spirent tools that help the automotive industry to successfully develop self-driving and connected car features and provide improved end user experience.
According to Ericcson CMO Arun Bhikshesvaran, the data is sending a clear signal that connected car features and services are becoming an important factor in a consumer's purchase decision.
Storage is no problem either as the car features a generously-sized boot, complete with underfloor compartment.
The car features the elegant appearance that marks the latest evolution of Volkswagen design.
According to OTE, the car features a 2lt DOHC engine mated to an improved automatic transmission, as well as a host of comprehensive safety features such as a ring-shaped reinforced frame, standard dual SRS airbags and optional side and curtain airbags.
The show car features four wheel drive and a turbo-charged engine.
The latest version of Britain's top selling car is being unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in America, where Ford says the new model will offer big car features.
The Refi car features an air conditioner that can produce an air flow containing vitamin C, which is said to be good for skin, by saturating the component in a filter of the air conditioner, the manufacturer said.
The car features a modular aluminium body and is powered by a supercharged 5.
The same Europa Blue paint is also used, however the car features extensive modifications to the body, interior, brakes and chassis.
Designed for everyday use, the car features a side-opening glass hatch that reveals a luggage bay which holds 220 litres of luggage.
Three out of every four consumers said they consider connected car services an important feature in their next car purchase, according to a new AT&T Drive Studio and Ericsson study documenting the significant influence that connected car features and services are expected to have on customers' vehicle purchase decisions in the future.
The new Very Light Car features a new in-wheel' suspension system, larger interior volume, improved creature comforts, and a more aerodynamic body shape.
The car features compact aluminium and carbon fibre reinforced plastic bodywork that weighs only 1,350kg, despite carrying a lithium ion battery pack.
The car features a 'Sport' setting to adjust the sharpness of the steering and the throttle, sports suspension, all-round disc brakes with ventilation up front and a six-speed gearbox.