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the act of encamping and living in tents in a camp

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PACK GOOD GEAR When car camping, bring high-quality equipment.
When car camping, as always, I have my bivouac equipment along.
But savvy outdoor lovers know it as some of the best car camping in the West--with quick access to civilization in nearby Moab too.
There are things-to-bring lists for car camping, canoe camping and the always-necessary Survival Kit Check List: ``A survival kit is like life insurance.
Under the city's overnight car camping ordinance, Broadhurst said she believes that campers will be able spend the night there in up to six tents, vehicles or huts - on the paved or graveled portions of the mostly grass-covered lot.
A: Try car camping (choose the right spot, and you'll still feel plenty removed from civilization), or be purists and pack in all your possessions but look for a campsite that's a short distance from the road.
Once the organization gets insurance for the site, four people are expected to move in next week, Broadhurst said, under the city's homeless car camping program.
The design is equally functional for use at bike rallies, car camping and on bicycle trips.
It was like car camping with indoor plumbing and a coffeemaker.
ORCA tracks the following human-powered activities: backpacking, canoeing, car camping, cross-country skiing, hiking, kayaking, paved-road bicycling, rafting, rock climbing, single-track bicycling, snowshoeing, telemark skiing, trail running, wide dirt bicycling.
The Eugene Mission and the car camping program managed by St.
Whether you're car camping or backpacking, no trip is complete without this much-loved campfire dessert.