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a bomb placed in a car and wired to explode when the ignition is started or by remote control or by a timing device

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The jihadists no longer have fixed positions in the province but have reverted to their old tactics of planting car bombs and carrying out suicide operations or hit-and-run attacks.
The Interior Ministry spokesman Brigadier Saad Maan said in a statement today, that the Directorate of Intelligence and Baghdad Counter Terrorism force in coordination with the Directorate of Intelligence and Counter Terrorism in Karbala and Hawks Cell managed to seized 8 car bombs with their terrorists drivers, 7 car bombs in al-Nukhaib and one in Baghdad in al- Karkh, where the operation took place after making ambushes based on accurate intelligence and field follow-up, without giving further details.
Three car bombs went off in less than 10 minutes in the districts of Baiy, Jihad and Khazimiyah, killing at least 15 people and wounded another 42.
Homs, (SANA) - Seven citizens were killed and 55 others got injured as a terrorist car bomb went off in Homs city.
A car bomb killed two and injured five others in Al-Baladiyat town Eastern Baghdad, while another two were killed and seven injured in a car explosion in the nearby Jamila neighborhood, Iraqi police told Kuwait News Agency.
One car bomb in Sadr city killed four people and wounded six, while another killed two and wounded seven.
Earlier, the source put the toll on 14 killed and 55 wounded by the blasts of five car bombs and a roadside bomb across the capital.
In Iraq's eastern province of Wasit, two car bombs went off outside a restaurant in the town of Hafriyah, some 60 km southeast of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, killing two people and wounding 10 others, a provincial police source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.
Two other car bombs hit the southern cities of Basra and Nasiriyah, killing eight civilians and wounding 26, two police officers said.
In the deadliest of the blasts across Baghdad, police said one car bomb struck near a bus station in the northern Shiite neighbourhood of Khazimiyah, killing eight people and wounding 18 there.
At least 33 people have been killed in a spate of car bomb attacks in Iraq's capital Baghdad, authorities said.
Summary: A wave of car bombs struck in and around Baghdad on Monday morning, killing at .
Baghdad, June 16 (BNA) - At least Four people were killed and six others wounded on Sunday when two car bombs exploded in Basra in southern Iraq.
Security forces searched the whole area, fearing from more car bombs," he added.
Four car bombs exploded in Taji, north of Baghdad, killing at least six people and wounding eight others, an interior ministry official and a medical source said.