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a lead-acid storage battery in a motor vehicle

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EV owners could earn fees by storing power in car batteries and exchanging it with the grid.
Gokwat said that the accused broke into the victim's house at night and opened his car and removed four car batteries, two driving shafts, a jack and a wheel spanner all valued at N100, 000.
According to Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Al Muaini, head of the crime prevention department for Dubai Police, within hours, the gang had started its round of thefts and began removing car batteries.
Brigadier Mohammad Rashid Bin Sari Al Muhairi, Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Dubai Police, said that police received four reports of stolen car batteries from various locations in Dubai.
Romain Debarre, managing director, A T Kearney Energy Transition Institute, said: "Electric car batteries rely on a host of rare materials-from lithium and nickel, to cobalt.
According to industry publication, Mining Global, lithium is the lightest and least alkali metal and is used in dryers, air conditioners, medicines and electric car batteries like those used in Tesla (TSLA) models.
LAHORE -- Dolphin and Police Response Unit (PRU) on Wednesday arrested seven accused besides recovering car batteries, mobile phones and fireworks from their possession during snap checking/patrolling on different roads.
In a new paper, two scientists show how their seemingly contradictory findings actually point to the same outcome and recommendations: that pumping energy back into the grid using today's technology can damage car batteries, but with improvements in the system it has the potential to provide valuable clean energy - and improve battery life in the process.
Samsung and LG could become suppliers of electric car batteries for Tesla.
SECOND-hand electric car batteries are to be repurposed to store energy produced by homeowners' solar panels.
The total value of UAE imports of secondary batteries (car batteries) during the same year amounted to USD 435.1 million, up by 11.1 per cent from 2014's USD 391.6 million.
GCC nations imported US$367.94 million worth of car batteries in 2013, and the amount rose to $393.39 million in 2014.
Lucia where the tradition originated in 1908, not only lent car batteries and generators that lit the lanterns of southern villages during lubenas (processions for the nine-day Christmas dawn Masses) for decades.
This is exacerbated by the findings that more than half of UK drivers do not get their car batteries checked during winter and more than one in three incorrectly believe their battery's health is checked during their car's MOT.