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Scottish sea captain who was hired to protect British shipping in the Indian Ocean and then was accused of piracy and hanged (1645-1701)

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The book tells significant parts of the stories of more than forty such pirates s including Anne Bonny, Bartholomew Roberts, Blackbeard (Edward Teach), Edward (Ned) Low(e), Henry Avery, Henry Morgan, James Mission, John ("Calico Jack") Rackham, John Bannister, John Gow, John Hopton (Aka Upton), Mary Read, Stede Bonnet, Thomas Carew, and Captain William Kidd. Of all of these famous pirates, perhaps the most interesting story is that of last in the previous partial catalogue of the pirates Lincoln deals with, Captain William Kidd (probably January 22, 1645 to May 23, 1701).
A swashbuckling 21st century mystery linked to the legend of notorious pirate Captain William Kidd is making waves in the Black Country - more than 300 years after his death.
Kidd's navy nickname had been "Cap" since his Annapolis days, and that inspired the destroyer's plank-owners to bestow the mantle of the legendary pirate Captain William Kidd on their vessel.
Viva Wyndham Resorts on June 8 said it is sponsoring the Living Museum in the Sea, an underwater historic site featuring the shipwreck, Quedagh Merchant, abandoned by the 17th century pirate Captain William Kidd, located in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic.
Resting in less than 10ft of Caribbean seawater, the wreckage of Quedagh Merchant, the ship abandoned by the scandalous 17th century pirate Captain William Kidd as he raced to New York in an ill-fated attempt to clear his name, has escaped discovery -- until now.