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English navigator remembered for his exploration of the Pacific coast of North America (1757-1798)


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Sure to be ridden prominently again by Leigh Roche, Captain Vancouver's turn should come tonight.
Nick Smith (Reviews, May 2007) hints that readers of EC Coleman's Captain Vancouver will end up craving more in-depth insights.
At one of them, a dance at the Governor's residence in Monterey, "the two Sandwich Island women at the request of Captain Vancouver exhibited their manner of singing & dancing, which did not appear to afford much entertainment to the Spanish Ladies" (Menzies 283-84).
You can open up a segment, e.g., the American Marco Polo John Ledyard, or Fanny Burney's sailor historian brother James, or the American mariner Robert Gray, or the botanist who sailed with Captain Vancouver, Archibald Menzies, and have a mini-feast.
But by the time Captain Vancouver arrived in 1794, the glacier had retreated enough that he could chart the beginnings of a bay, and since then Glacier Bay has grown into a long fjord reaching the Canadian border.
When George Vancouver sailed into Hood Canal in the spring of 1792, wild rhododendrons and dogwoods dappled forest edges with pink and white flowers; rivers and streams poured into the glacial fjord from all sides; and abundant fish, oysters, and spot prawns filled with the water beneath Captain Vancouver's yawl.
says that Winter Stock Ale is a "light-bodied beer with an intense hop flavor." The company is producing only 450 cases of the beer, in celebration of the bicentennial of Captain Vancouver's Inside Passage expedition.
Caption: ABOVE RIGHT: CCG Deployment: Sea Cadet PO2 Jack Wong, from 47 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Captain Vancouver, takes direction from Coast Guard member Trent Tabor on the intricacies of twin motor operation during a deployment with the Canadian Coast Guard.