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a Welsh buccaneer who raided Spanish colonies in the West Indies for the English (1635-1688)

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If you're looking to kick off your summer with a bang, then don you best buccaneer costume as Captain Henry Morgan invites you to celebrate the bounty of his latest pillage with a fete at the home of his ancestors.
It was thought that Henry could have been involved in smuggling during a period when pirate Captain Henry Morgan spent his early days on the smugglers's paradise of Sully Island A new sign depicting the old >practice of the Mari Lwyd was unveiled at the Old House Inn, Llangynwyd, Maesteg, in the 1970s.
archaeologists returned to the mouth of the Chagres River in Panama in search of real-life buccaneer Captain Henry Morgan's lost fleet, it was reported July 26:
The real thing (clockwise from top left)Welsh pirates Howell Davis,Black Bart Roberts (BartiDdu)and Captain Henry Morgan, whose exploits led to him becoming governor of Jamaica; When Black Bart was killed, the English captain was knighted; Terry Breverton; Without Morgan Jamaica would have been lost to the Spanish; Terry Breverton; The piratical image exploited by Hollywood in stars such as Errol Flynn owes much to the exploits of freebooting Welsh captains and crews
The Welsh would prefer to drink with our criminal countrymen like the pirate Captain Henry Morgan and mobster Murray the Hump, alias Murray Humphries.
Learn about pirates at Tredegar House in Newport is hosting a Captain Henry Morgan's Pirate Weekend for youngsters - and they want guests to dress in their best pirate garb.
* SIR - It was interesting to read that divers have found the remains of the fleet of the famous Welsh buccaneer Captain Henry Morgan, which sunk off Panama in 1671 ("Captain Morgan's lost fleet discovered on ocean floor", Aug 16).
And finally a pirate, Captain Henry Morgan, buccaneer, governor in the West Indies and Welsh.
But Captain Henry Morgan's flagship vessel, Satisfaction, has lain on the ocean floor since his fleet sank in 1671 in rough waters off the coast of Panama.
EXPERTS have returned deep underground to try to find out more about the lifestyle of the most famous pirate to come from South Wales - Captain Henry Morgan.
The hall is famously the birthplace of the 17thcentury buccaneer Captain Henry Morgan, who battled the Spanish for control of the Caribbean.
A battle showing Captain Morgan's ship in action * A team of American archaeologists study the wreckage of a ship they believe to be part of Captain Henry Morgan's lost fleet and, below, divers raise one of Morgan's guns to the surface
If the now returned Prodigal Son does lead us to the Promised Land, Craig Bellamy will become the most famous son of the Rumney area of Cardiff alongside Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, the new Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University, Walter Marshall, later Lord Marshall of Goring, Margaret Thatcher's favourite nuclear scientist and (if you believe that particular version of his birthplace) Captain Henry Morgan, the original Pirate of the Caribbean!
Although historians are not convinced which of the family homes in South Wales Captain Henry Morgan was born in, few dispute the links the hall has to the notorious pirate, whose exploits in the Caribbean attacking Spanish vessels were legendary.
Captain Henry Morgan Born in 1635 in Monmouthshire, he was one of the most notorious and successful pirates of the Caribbean and one of the most dangerous pirates patrolling the Spanish Main.