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English navigator remembered for his exploration of the Pacific coast of North America (1757-1798)


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The struggle for control ended in a compromise spurred on by Royal Navy Captain George Vancouver, dispatched to negotiate on behalf of Britain.
From here, it doesn't seem much changed from the way it must have been on that May morning in 1792 when Captain George Vancouver first laid eyes on the point where you stand.
His most important voyage was on Captain George Vancouver's global trip in the Discovery from 1791-95.
Dozens of sharp snow-capped peaks enveloped us in a complete circle, and without a chart, one wondered which way in 1795 intrepid explorer Captain George Vancouver might have chosen to seek the open ocean.
In the Pacific Northwest, it attacked villages so strongly that when English captain George Vancouver led an expedition in 1792 to the area, he found village upon deserted village with "human skulls, and other bones, promiscuously scattered about."
His writing career culminated in 1984, when at the age of 80 he saw into print his four volume edition for the Hakluyt Society of the Voyages of Captain George Vancouver,(10) the first volume of which is mainly taken up with what amounts to the definitive biography of the great navigator.
In 1794, Captain George Vancouver was inhibited from entering the interior of the modern-day park because ice covered what is now navigable water.
When English Captain George Vancouver sailed through the Strait of Juan la Fuca and into Washington's Puget Sound, he found a hand and seascape of snow-peaked mountains, misty islands, and, everywhere, trees.