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British admiral

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Captain Bligh and the Rum Rebellion puts together the momentous events in 1807-08 of the overthrow of Governor William Bligh by John Macarthur and his friends of the New South Wales Corps.
One of the most frustrating things for us tipsters is whizzing a horse up the day before, only to find mother nature has turned against you and your selection has gone from being a steering job on good ground to the biggest drifter since Captain Bligh was launched off the Bounty.
Fred Howe, Motherwell A The 1935 classic starred Charles Laughton as Captain Bligh and Clark Gable as Fletcher Christian.
A 1787 South Seas voyage is beset by insurrection brought on by Captain Bligh.
We will be getting close to the experience of Captain Bligh and his crew; however everyone aboard the Talisker Bounty Boat will be pushed to the limit of endurance and survival, forever hungry and unsure of everything, except their own desire to fight through this.
A highlight is a visit to Pitcairn Island, where Fletcher Christian brought the HMS Bounty following a mutiny against Captain Bligh.
Breadfruit - Brought to the islands by Captain Bligh.
In an Education World article, teacher Max Fischer says that when he is faced with student behavior that could cause him to lose control, he thinks about Captain Bligh in Mutiny on the Bounty.
Visitors will also be able to view the log book written by Captain Bligh in which he describes mutineers - led by Fletcher Christian - hounding him from HMS Bounty in 1789.
This exhibition will examine and contrast the different leadership styles of Nelson, Captain Cook and Captain Bligh.
has gone back to the original records to reconstruct the voyage of the Bounty, the mutiny and the fate both of Captain Bligh and his crew.
There is an account of a harrowing journey across 3,000 miles of ocean, similar to the journey taken by Captain Bligh after the mutiny on the Bounty.
YOU'VE got to hand it to those Spirit of Cardiff lads - they've endured more maritime troubles than Captain Bligh.
Schools without playgrounds reflect the kind of stem, heavy-handed administration and lack of sensitivity that got Captain Bligh in trouble on HMS Bounty.
Captain Bligh adhered to this management philosophy.