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the outer covering of protein surrounding the nucleic acid of a virus

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The membranes were then incubated with the following primary antibodies: Anti-Norovirus capsid protein VP1 antibodies (ab92976, 1:500; Abcam, UK); phospho-NF-[kappa]B/p65 (S536) rabbit anti-bodies (3013, 1:1000; CST, USA); b-actin mouse monoclonal antibodies (A1978, 1:3000; Sigma Aldrich, USA) in blocking buffer overnight at 4[degrees]C.
Amino acid sequence analysis of bovine rotavirus B223 reveals a unique outer capsid protein VP4 and confirms a third bovine VP4 type.
Additional characterization of SINV-3 has revealed that it produces its capsid proteins from a subgenomic RNA via a frameshifting mechanism (Valles et al.
15) However, parvovirus B19 capsid proteins (VP1 and VP2) were not detected by immunohistochemistry in our case.
Many viral envelop or capsid proteins have the ability to spontaneously self-assemble into non-infectious empty VLP with appreciable immunogenicity in different culture systems when expressed by recombinant DNA technology (2,3).
The amino-acid sequences of the conserved sigma A and sigma NS proteins show less than 60% sequence similarity, whereas those of the outer capsid proteins sigma B and sigma C have, at most, 47% sequence similarity to their counterparts in other bird or bat reoviruses.
The higher susceptibility of surface viruses indicated that ozone reacts more readily with capsid proteins than with lipids of the cell membrane (Komanapalli-& Lau, 1998).
Antibody assays have been developed not only for a total of 54 HPV antigens but also for capsid proteins and large T antigens of 4 polyomaviruses, the main proteins of Lassa and Borna-Disease viruses, and 2 cellular proteins (p53 and [p16.
Gelbart were struck by the fact that experiments dating back to the 1960s showed that viral capsids with icosahedral symmetry will form spontaneously in a solution of capsid proteins, given the right conditions of temperature, pH, and salinity.
The late genes, L1 and L2, code for the outer capsid proteins that encompass the entire virion at the final differentiated superficial squamous epithelial stage and are necessary to make HPV infectious.
AAV naturally exists as several different serotypes, which differ physically in the composition of their capsid proteins and genome structures.
Functional role of structural disorder in capsid proteins
Objective: The capsid proteins of viruses have been shown to organize around a variety of non-biological polyanions, in a similar way that proteins assemble around RNA genomes, to form virus-like particles (VLPs).
The recombinant baculoviruses carrying the genes for the viral capsid proteins of the lion/NoV/GIV.
N-terminal analysis has revealed the margins of the capsid proteins and the corresponding scissile bonds within the structural polyprotein (Valles and Hashimoto 2008).