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Which ones should I farm and why?You can plant sukuma wiki (collard greens), Swiss chard, African leafy vegetables (such as amaranthus, spider plant, nightshade, and cowpeas), cabbage, and capsicums.
Pendulum, which in conjunction with reported genetic linkage maps of Capsicum, would be useful for future high-density genetic mapping and whole-genome studies in C.
Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) because of its nutritional effects and pharmaceutical application is one of the most important vegetables around the world.
Chilies belong to the genus Capsicum (Solanaceae family), which is one of the most cultivated groups of species in the world.
It is very hard to ignore the presence of the crunchy, colourful, tangy and sweet capsicum or bell peppers in our daily diet.
You can buy capsicums - but they're much tastier when you grow them yourself.
IF ONE comes across chocolate, red or yellow capsicums in the Delhi market, one should not be surprised on being told that it was not imported but grown in a Haryana farm.
Other plants also contain this phytochemical, notably those of the Nicotinia species of the Solanaceae family--including capsicums, tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants.
Bosland (horticulture, New Mexico State U.-Las Cruces) and Votava, head of a Texas seed company, integrate information that has emerged over the past decade into the second edition of their guide to the capsicums. They discuss taxonomy, pod types, and genetic resources; botany; seeds; genetics, plant breeding, and biotechnology; chemical composition; production; harvesting; post-harvest handling; and disorders, diseases, and pests.
Potatoes, lady finger, capsicums, cauliflower and cabbage spinach, bitter guards, fresh beans, pumpkins and ginger is being sold between Rs 60 to Rs 170 which is much higher than fixed rates.
Growing alliums underneath fruit trees, in between tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines, capsicums, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots repels slugs/snails, aphids, carrot and cabbage fly; but beans, peas and parsley are said not to enjoy the company of alliums although, from personal experience, I don't agree with this when it comes to parsley and alliums as mine thrive together.
Since then, farmers growing 'Paprika' or capsicum, have received loans and subsidies, which resulted in crop of eight tonnes of capsicums.
Capsicums, including the capsicum annuum, is commonly referred to as "African pepper," "African red pepper," or "Guinea pepper"--Guinea being a traditional geographic term from the times of the Transatlantic trade, denoting the African continent in general.