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CHILTECPIN (Chiltepin): The mother of all chile peppers, Capsicum annuum var.
Chen and Lott (1992) stated that proteins represented one of the main reserve components in Capsicum annuum seeds.
In conclusion, our findings indicate that the methanolic extract of Capsicum annuum could be used in combination with standard drug to treat herpes infection.
Nombre cientifico Nombre comun Daucus carota Zanahoria Coriandrum sativum Culantro Solarium tuberosum Papa Solarium lycopersicum Tomate Capsicum annuum Chile Allium cepa Cebolla Brassica oleracea var.
Carrillo NC, Vallejo CFA, Estrada SE (1991) Adaptabilidad y estabilidad fenotipica de lineas e hibridos de pimenton, Capsicum annuum L.
Effect of the foliage of Tagetes minuta on Meloidogyne incognita root-galling on Capsicum annuum in a greenhouse
With the growing popularity of Mediterranean-style cuisine in northern Europe and beyond, foodservice operators and further processors needed a greater supply of sweet, tangy, juicy and spicy red, green and yellow varieties of the Capsicum annuum family.
Effects of aluminum-painted and black polyethylene mulches on bell pepper, Capsicum annuum L.
Sow seeds of Capsicum annuum, the cayenne pepper, in a greenhouse to give some home-grown heat ?
The foliage of the purple pepper cultivar Capsicum annuum L.
Effect of growth regulators on plant growth, fruit set, fruit retention and yield of capsicum annuum L.
La agricultura convencional depende en gran medida de las condiciones edafoclimaticas y fitosanitarias de las llantas debido al ataque de un sinnumero de llagas y enfermedades que incrementan considerablemente los costos de produccion, en especial el cultivo de aji, Capsicum annuum L.
Capsicums, including the capsicum annuum, is commonly referred to as "African pepper," "African red pepper," or "Guinea pepper"--Guinea being a traditional geographic term from the times of the Transatlantic trade, denoting the African continent in general.