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a genus of fish in the family Caproidae

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Capros) and three personalities without political colour (M.
On the AS/ NHB substrata, 96.5% of the community was composed of 7 taxa (in decreasing order of abundance): unidentified anthiine serranids, the chain dogfish (Scyliorhi nus retifer), the yellowfin bass (Anthias nicholsi), the deepbody boarfish (Antigonia capros), the red barbier (Baldwinella vivanus), a scorpionfish (Scorpaena sp.), and the black sea bass (Centropristis striata).
The EU energy import dependency may reach two-thirds by 2030 (Capros et al.
A very long and detailed presentation of the study was given by Professor Pantelis Capros from the National Technical University of Athens.
1998), IMAGE 2.0 (Alcamo 1994), IPCC Special Report (IPCC 2000), MARIA (IPCC 2000), MARKAL Models (Loulou and Kanudia 2000), MARKAL MATTER (Gielen and Kram 2000), MERGE (Manne, Mandelsohn and Richels 1995), MESSAGE (IPCC 2000), MIDAS (Capros et al.
And the costs of abatement are likely to be high; according to Commission estimates, unit abatement costs could be the third highest in the European Union (Capros and Mantzos, 2000).
(Capros et al., 2012a, b; Dii, 2013; ECF, 2010; Eurelectric, 2010; Hagspiel et al., 2014)
Consequently, efforts to reduce energy consumption in the building sector can constitute an important instrument in the efforts to alleviate the EU energy import dependency (currently at about 53.8% and may reach two-thirds by 2030 (Capros et al.
Responsible for the project, Professor Pantelis Capros from the National Technical University of Athens, stressed that all options, on both the supply and demand side, must remain open so as to exploit their cost-effective potential.
Tope sharks were found to prey almost exclusively upon teleost fish: small shoaling fish, mainly boarfish (Capros aper) and snipefish (Macroramphosus scolopax), were the most frequent prey.
Offerings of the lineup include the endurance ingredient Capros, a heart-healthy Phyllanthus emblica extract that boosts nitric oxide levels and supports healthy blood flow, significantly reduces hsCRP which leads to decreased inflammation and better recovery, and acts as an antioxidant to protect the body against oxidative stress.
Capros P., Georgakopoulos P., van Regemorter D., Proost S., and Schmidt C.
(110.) For example, Capros and Mantzos (2000) estimate that marginal abatement costs of a sectoral approach with identical reduction targets would rise to EUR 348 per tonne of carbon from EUR 103 in the case of an optimal allocation of abatement efforts in Spain alone.