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1758)'in biyolojisi A1/4zerinde bir Aln calisma (Pisces: Caproidae).
Caproidae. Fishes of the north-eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean.
0.1 0.0 Crustacea unidentified 1.1 0.8 Total Pisces# 50.2# 78.0# Myctophidae 0.6 0.3 Moridae Gadella maraldi 0.1 0.2 Caproidae Capros aper 13.7 24.7 Macroramphosidae Macroramphosus scolopax 16.7 19.3 Sparidae Pagellus spp.
The following nine families were collected only on the summer cruise: Argentinidae, Clinnidae, Dactyloscopidae, Istiophoridae, Caproidae, Macrorhamphosidae, Malacanthidae, Percophidae and Symphysanodontidae, indicating that these groups spawned only in summer.