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These findings are of importance to epidemiologic investigations because current dogma regarding host specificity may dissuade laboratories from pursuing identification of this fastidious bacterium in hosts beyond the subfamily Caprinae. Improved diagnostic methods to increase detection sensitivity are warranted based on information provided in this report (online Technical Appendix).
Body weight and horn development in Alpine chamois, Rupicapra rupicapra (Bovidae, Caprinae).
Elements de distinction des portions petreuses de temporal d'Ovis aries et de Capra hireus; applications des caracteres a la distinction de quelques autres Caprinae (Capra ibex, Rupicapra rupicapra).
We were quite the bunch of guys up on that mountain, a typical group for a hunt in Asia: Cuneyt was my guide from Caprinae Safaris, Taleh and Tural were my local hunting guides, Abuzer was the horseman, and Mikayil was the cook.
In Pakistan, the tribe Caprinae is represented by three sub-species; Ladakh urial or Shapu (Ovis vignei vignei), Afghan or Baluchistan urial (Ovis vignei blanfordi) and Punjab urial (Ovis vignei punjabiensis).
Biologists have a language of their own: Goats and sheep belong to the same family (Bovidae) and subfamily (Caprinae).
The symbol for the new year starting on February 19 is the "yang," which can refer to any member of the caprinae subfamily - or even beyond - depending on what additional Chinese character it is paired up with.
The Himalayas and associated mountains offer home to about 31 species (38.7%) of Caprinae found worldwide the richest in any part of the world (Schakleton 1997).
Sheep and goats are closely related as both are in the subfamily Caprinae. However they are separate species so hybrids rarely occur and are always infertile.
Presence of a protostyle indicates the tooth represents a Bovinae such as Bison rather than a Caprinae such as Bootherium.
Ovis aries (sheep), member of the Bovidae family and sub family Caprinae is one of the oldest domesticated species, has been used for wool, milk, meat and skins from thousands of years through out the world .