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The Caprimulgidae is a circumglobal family of visually acute, crepuscular or nocturnal insectivores for which some aspects of lunar influence have been evaluated.
melanogaster T 1 Crotophaga ani Tapera naevia T Strigidae (3) Megascops choliba Glaucidium hardyi 2 Athene cunicularia Nyctibiidae (1) Nyctibius griseus 2 Caprimulgidae (5) Lurocalis semitorquatus 1 Chordeiles pusillus C Chordeiles sp.
The White-winged Nightjar (Eleothreptus candicans), a member of the Caprimulgidae (Cleere 1999, Pople 2004), was recently reclassified from the genus Caprimulgus to the genus Eleothreptus (Cleere 2002).