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An immediately preceding line maska gabbisu usakkal "he shall tan all the hides" is found only in caprid contracts, presumably because the simpler tawing process for these hides with salt and alum--as opposed to the more complex and lengthier tanning procedure for bovine hides--could at least be started while the herdsman was in the field; see Hans E.
Written [U.sub.8].UDU.HI.A in the caprid accounts, AB.G[U.sub.4].HI.A in the bovine accounts.
Sheep are one of the most numerous forms domesticated farm animals making up a large family of bovids (Bovidae), subfamily caprids (Caprinae).
Also, among caprids (goats and sheep), which mostly live on mountains, the one flat land member of the group exhibited relatively longer lower legs than all the others.
While dancing, everybody sang the sharacath'aki song which announced the arrival of the markhors, the wild caprids (Capra Falconers) deemed to be the domestic goats of the fairies of the mountains, which are therefore connected to the high 'onjiSTa sphere: \tx wa~ k'arae sh'ara 'ilo \mb wa~ kar -a -e sh'ara 'i -u -o \ge place make IMPV.2P -RTM markhor come P/F.3S -RTM \ft make room!
On speciation in Ice Age mammals, with special reference to cervids and caprids. Canadian Journal of Zoology 65:1067-1084.
On page 144 Wicke refers to a comb from Megiddo that reflects Aegean influence and says that the same influence can be seen in a comb decorated with caprids from Tell Fakhariya.
One important conclusion is that caprids shown frequently on the seal-amulets are not antelopes, as often suggested, but ibexes.