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(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Capricorn

a faint zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere


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the tenth sign of the zodiac

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Currently, the number of capricorns in Kyrgyzstan reached 41,463, roe deers - 4,470, wild boar - more than 2,000.
According to the government decree of March 23, 2015, the hunting season on capricorn, wild boar, quail, pigeon and doves (except roe deer) begins on the second Saturday of August and ends on the first Sunday of December.
Reshuffles and reorganisations could lead many Capricorns towards positions of greater strength as the year ends.
CAPRICORN LOVE From June 4, Jupiter takes up residence in your horoscope house of love and everything there expands.
Capricorns like to splash out on luxurious curtains with swags, tails and tie-backs in velvet or furry chenille.
The focal point of any Capricorn home should be the living room with an open fire, top-of-the-range carpet and large comfy sofa in brown, black or dark greens.
THIS outrageous rock star displays many of the typical traits of the Capricorn personality.
In typical Capricorn fashion he was able to transform all his negative traits into something positive by creating his outrageous alter ego.
Sometimes they say Capricorns can be so careful guarding what's theirs and keeping up appearances that they push away the people who care most.
Capricorns love quality, but they are often terribly wary of touching a nest egg.
What Capricorns do on Christmas Day: Theirs is a traditional Christmas.
But then that is exactly what one would expect when addressing somebody born in the sign of Capricorn. Success didn't come overnight and it seldom does for the goat who seems to ascend up the mountain and occasionally stumbles but always gets to the top.
Capricorns place a lot of importance on tradition and history and have strong family values.
This award from Elevator magazine brings the tally of awards for Capricorn Strategies to 4 for the year so far in 2013.
CAPRICORN CELEBRATES NEW YEAR BY...Attending quiet or sedate affair - a dinner party with friends.