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Synonyms for Capricorn

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Capricorn

a faint zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere


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the tenth sign of the zodiac

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The Sun may still be in Sagittarius, as is Mercury, but this day has a distinctly Capricornian feel to it.
Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Chopra said she found the role of a Capricornian the most challenging in the film.
GREEN lights flash over social and love plans, which is great for romantics, but for the wheeler-dealer, super-charmer Capricornian, the cosmos offers you a chance to revive a project and watch it take off.
Previte was serving a prison sentence for an undisclosed crime at the Capricornian Correctional Centre in Rockhampton, north of Bundaberg, at the time he allegedly confessed.