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(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Capricorn

a faint zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere


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the tenth sign of the zodiac

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Another star, quite extraordinary in its own right, about halfway along the western boundary of the constellation, is RT Capricorni. It is a carbon star which glows with a lovely reddish colour that varies irregularly between magnitude 7 and 11.
At such a remote era the west-to-east (right-to-left in the diagram) solar transit from the region of hl Sagittarii to Deneb Algedi ([??] Capricorni), these defining the approximate range of the proposed asterism's blade, would have reached completion just ahead of the solstice.
What's really marvelous about Alpha Capricorni is that it's an optical double --that is, two stars at greatly different distances that just happen to be along the same line of sight.
Capricornus, due south on the map, contains two wide double stars for binoculars on its western (right-hand) end: Alpha ([alpha]) and Beta ([beta]) Capricorni. With sharp vision, you can resolve Alpha Capricorni into a tight pair with your unaided eyes.
June 15 21.42 ZC1587 5.9 DD 15 42 40 June 19 21.33 ZC2063 6.7 DD 21 82 80 June 27 01.36 ZC3184 7.0 RD 26 82 90 June 27 01.38 46 Capricorni 5.1 RD 26 82 40 June 27 01.50 47 Capricorni 6.0 RD 26 82 60 July 2 01.38 ZC290 6.1 RD 13 31 50 July 2 03.41 SAO 92761 6.9 RD 32 31 110 July 27 03.08 SAO 109004 6.9 RD 42 76 80
declination (-21.8[degrees]) 13 12:50 Last Quarter 14 06:27 Moon occults beta Capricorni 15 14:00 Mars stationary 15 19:44 Saturn at opposition 16 04:59 Mars near Regulus (4.4[degrees]N) 16 12:00 Moon near Neptune (5.7[degrees]S) 18 18:59 Mercury max.
[5.sup.?] [cubits] 3' ina IGI SI MAS ad ina 10 in front of [beta] US Capricorni it was eclipsed.
Twenty-four such ASU's were submerged near natural Zostera capricorni seagrass beds for 6 weeks, and the fish and crustaceans inhabiting them were collected using fine surrounding nets and the ichdiyocide rotenone.
Campfire-colored Mars starts November in the vicinity of the two fairly bright stars at the eastern tip of Capricornus, Delta (S) and Gamma (7) Capricorni. It shines within Io of the brighter star, 3rd-magnitude Delta, from November 3rd through 5th.
Alpha ([alpha]) Capricorni is a wide double star that can be split by the naked eye if you have sharp vision.
Other notable events (though sparsely observed by BAA observers) were the conjunctions of Jupiter with Neptune on 2009 May 25 and July 13, the occultation of the 6th magnitude star 45 Capricorni on 2009 Aug 3-4, mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites which were resolved in time-lapse movies for the first time, and several multiple satellite transits.
There, conjunctions of planets with certain fixed stars ([zeta] Tauri, [beta] Geminorum, and [delta] Capricorni) always coincide with a passage from one zodiacal sign to another, irrespective of the latitude of the planet (Huber, Centaurus 5 [1958]: 192-208).
The head of the Sea Goat is marked by Alpha ([alpha]) and Beta ([beta]) Capricorni, just a few degrees apart--with Alpha a wide naked-eye double star and Beta a wide binocular double star.
In 2012 the Moon occults five stars brighter than 4th magnitude: beta Scorpii (Dec 12), zeta Tauri (Nov 02), beta Capricorni (Apr 14, Jun 07 & Aug 01), omega-1 Scorpii (Apr 09, Jun 03 & Aug 24) and rho Sagittarii (Jun 06 & Aug 28).
Sharp eyes or binoculars will resolve another wide double star, Alpha ([alpha]) Capricorni, at its western end.