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Anatomia de una especies de Caprellidae: Caprella decipiens Mayer, 1890, Habitus, Gnatopodo 1 y 2 (Gn1 y 2, Arimoto 1976).
0.91 0.03 0.02 0.0004 Gammaridean remains 17.27 28.60 4.54 5.75 0.18 Caprellidea 9.09 0.69 1.28 0.18 Caprella sp.
Let us take an example [...] of the small crustacean known as caprella [...].
During the winter and early spring, seaweed assemblages on hard substrata support very high densities of mobile epifauna, dominated by the suspension-feeding amphipods Caprella penantis and Jassa marmorata (formerly J.
Annelida Ozobranchus branchiatus Arthropoda Conchoderma virgatum, Chelonibia testudinaria, Caprella sp.
ARCTURIDAE Neastacilla californica CANCRIDAE Cancer antennarius Cancer gracillis CAPRELLIDAE Caprella equilibra Caprella ferrea Caprella mendax CIROLANIDAE Cirolana harfordi COROPHIIDAE Cheirimedeia zotea EUPHAUSIIDAE Euphausia pacifica HIPPOLYTIDAE Heptacarpus pugettensis IDOTEIDAE Idotea fewkesi ISAEIDAE Photis sp.
Paul Deegan, trainer of Caprella "Things didn't work out for her at Tipperary last time but she came out of it well and Chris [Hayes, jockey] picked out this race as one that would suit her.
Shane Foley's mount wore down front-running Caprella inside the final furlong, with favourite After, a third beaten favourite of the night for Aidan O'Brien, only third.
In this study, we describe the embryogenesis of a cosmopolitan caprellid species, Caprella scaura Templeton, 1836 (C.
Common Reason([sec- Species name tions]) Anthozoans Gastropods Balanophyllia cup coral 3 elegans([dagger]) Epiactis prolifera anemone 3 Bivalves Epilucina clam 3 californica([sections]) Hinnites giganteus scallop 3 Modiolus capax mussel 3 Mytilus carpenteri([dagger]) mussel 3 Mytilus edulis([dagger]) mussel 3 Bryozoans Cryptosula bryozoan 1 pallasiana([double dagger]) Crustaceans Atylopsis sp.([double dagger]) amphipod 2 Betaeus harfordi shrimp 4 Cancer jordani crab 3 Caprella sp.
Three others who contested the Galway race - A fter (fourth), Caprella (fifth) and Singing Bird (sixth) - a re also in the line-up.
Successful at Cork and Gowran Park as a two-year-old, Greek Canyon knuckled down well on his seasonal debut, when nailing Caprella close home in a six-furlong Naas handicap.