Capra hircus

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any of various breeds of goat raised for milk or meat or wool

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Pashmina yarn spun from the underfleece of the pashmina goat Capra hircus (not Caprnae, p.
Bos taurus 6/3 96/11 69/17 117/13 Ovis aries 2/2 14/4 2/1 Capra hircus 6/6 3/1 Ovis aries/ 27/7 47/15 105/20 Capra hircus Sus scrofa dom.
org grows every day with more testimonials of children and adults alike who have been butted, bumped, or beaten by a capra hircus or similar.
The true goats embrace an Old World family of hoofed animals that includes the ibex, markhor, and tahr, of which none currently enjoys a greater worldwide distribution than Capra hircus, the feral version of the familiar domestic goat.
Unfortunately, no miRNAs from Capra hircus have been deposited in the miRBase 18.