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United States film maker (1897-1991)


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This is a provocative Capra quote for three reasons.
To wit: The typed rough drafts of "The Greatest Gift," the story on which Capra based his movie, are housed permanently in Special Collections at the UO's Knight Library.
I built this firm with smart, opinionated people who could adapt to a quickly changing industry," said firm founder Richard La Capra.
In celebrating these deeds in his movies, Capra rejected social or economic theories based on progressivism or historicism--theories in which the idea of natural right is replaced with struggles for power based on categories such as race and class.
Capra began his culinary journey in Salsomaggiore, Parma, before moving to Canada in 1982 where he became a household name with his successful cook books, One Pot Italian Cooking and 3 Chefs: The Kitchen Men, his TV show Gourmet Escapes and his recent nomination as a judge on the number one food show, Chopped Canada.
I want them to leave feeling light, satisfied and completely happy with what they had," Capra told Caterer Middle East .
Capra was arrested and given clothing to put on before he was taken to the Police Department, police said.
The owner of Capra Custom Cabinetry & Millwork LLC, Steve Capra stated, “Our goal is to be the best home and family resource center and information portal for assisting all New Jersey homeowners with their Cabinet Builder needs.
Ms Marie-Claire Sward Capra (Sweden) called for completion of bilateral negotiations and enactment of outstanding legislation in Serbia's final lap of its accession negotiations in order to carry Serbia's accession "across the finishing line" this year.
Mahmoud Al-Asqalani, head of CAPRA, also said that the CCC, CAPRA and the other attendees at the meeting will recommend that the government reverse its decision regarding raising customs duties and "the immediate suspension of the new tax law".
Here, Costner talks about two of his favorite artists -- Capra and Willie Nelson -- and how his feelings about "them damn Kennedys" changed over the years.
This partially explains why the ambitious Capra on the one hand strove to prove his role as the dominant artistic agent behind his films, with his "name above the title," and on the other hand willingly placed his work under the judgment of the public, whose patronage he claimed gave the filmmaker artistic freedom from "subsidies or strictures from government, pressure groups, or ideologists.
A THE acclaimed director Frank Capra was the hot favourite to win the Best Picture award for Lady For A Day in 1934.
Capra was under some filmmaking constraints at the time.
I am a fan of Jimmy Stewart, the actor, and Frank Capra, the director.