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an ancient country is eastern Asia Minor

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Another sort of monster fills the pages of Jonathan Evans' Dragons: Myth and Legends (Apple, 16.99 [pounds sterling]), a journey from Babylon, China and India via Iceland, Ancient Greece and Rome to the Red Dragon of Wales, the one St George of Cappodocia slew in Turkey, qualifying him to be brought back to England by the Crusaders as a patron saint.
Well I'm afraid the Cappodocia story like the Coventry story has no provable origins so let us, the people of Coventry stick to our St George; born at Caludon castle and died in Coventry.
The poem gives an account of the battle between the Pontine King Mithridates VI and the army of the Roman consul Lucius Cornelius Sulla for control of Cappodocia in 84 bc following Mithridates' invasion of this Roman-held territory, in present-day east central Turkey.
Scholars agree that St George was probably a Christian from Cappodocia in the Roman army who was martyred for his faith and that his cult was brought to England and western Europe by the returning Crusaders.
Perhaps it was among the people of Cappodocia in 2250 B.C.