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Synonyms for Capparidaceae

a dilleniid dicot family of the order Rhoeadales that includes: genera Capparis, Cleome, Crateva, and Polanisia

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Studies in the Capparidaceae, II: Floral anatomy and some structural features of the Capparidaceous flower.
The floral morphology of some of the Capparidaceae.
Family Species Item eaten Boraginaceae Bourreria cumanensis Fruit Cactaceae Stenocereus griseus Fruit, branch tip Capparidaceae Capparis odoratissima Fruit, flower bud Flacourtiaceae Casearia tremula Fruit, seed Poaceae Cenchrus sp.
Thorne (1992) listed Physena as incertae sedis, removing it from Capparidaceae and Passifloraceae.