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an ancient country is eastern Asia Minor

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Basil, this great Cappadocian Bishop (1), was a strong advocate of monasticism and a firm adherent to the Nicene faith.
The Cappadocians, perhaps the most important thinkers of the early Eastern Church, were steeped in the culture of classical antiquity and relied on the language of antiquity like metamorphosis and concepts like the ambivalence of the lifelike sculpture to forge sophisticated theological arguments.
Adding to the surreal charm of the place are the homes Cappadocians have chiselled out for themselves in the soft rock, paving the way for signature cave-dwellings and -- surprisingly -- luxurious boutique hotels.
Animacy, definiteness, and case in Cappadocian and other Asia Minor dialects.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- My excitement at recognizing some "real" Cappadocian friends aside, watching Nuri Bilge Ceylan's "KyE- Uykusu" (Winter Sleep) at the British Film Institute last week was a revelation.
She then examines Origen's apologists and followers, the Cappadocian evagrius, the antihenes and fourth-century Latin Origenians, the flow of ideas from Augustine to Eriugena, receptions of Origen's apokatastasis theory, the main features of the Christian apokatastasis theory from the New Testament to Eriugena, and the theological significance of apokatastasis in modern times.
The expected key figures of the ancient church are all dealt with in detail, person by person, winding up with the Cappadocian Fathers and the finalization of trinitarian orthodoxy.
Engineering geological properties and durability assessment of Cappadocian tuff.
For instance, the Cappadocian's long-winded question, "Is that the Queen Herodias, she who wears a black mitre sewed with pearls, and whose hair is powdered with blue dust?", becomes much clearer in Donohue: "Is that Queen Herodias, the one with the black turban sprinkled with pearls and the powdered blue hair?" (9).
Following Cappadocian theologian Gregory of Nazianz and his thoughts about the inhabitation of the Spirit as the continuation of the incarnation of the Son, I will elaborate a pneumatology in which the atmosphere of life giving is at the heart of the entanglement of creation and salvation.
Or, b) specifically the Cappadocian Fathers, Basil the Great (c.
It is probable that zeolite tuff was first used during Roman times to build houses, roads, and sewage systems and therefore, repeated exposures to erionite among the inhabitants of these Cappadocian villages has occurred, together with associated diseases, probably for many centuries.