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a drug (trade name Capoten) that blocks the formation of angiotensin in the kidneys resulting in vasodilation

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GBE (2# tid) Metoprolol 24 weeks (2010) + control (50mgqd/bid) Yu(1999) GBE (1# tid) Capoten 6 months + control (6.
District Court in Delaware on May 10, 1995, seeking a court order allowing them to proceed with their plans to market captopril, a generic version of Bristol-Myers Capoten.
Such new products as Tagamet and Zantac for ulcers, Procardia and Capoten for hypertension, Mevacor for cholesterol, and Naprosyn for arthritis allowed physicians to actually control diseases that had led to fatal and crippling illnesses.
Nerve Blockers Generic Name Trade Name rauwolfia derivatives Reserpine guanethidine Ismelin guanadrel Hylorel alpha methyldopa Aldomlet clonidine Catapres guanabenz Wytensin prazosin Minipress terazosin Hytrin Beta Blockers propranolol Inderal metoprolol Lopressor nadolol Corgard atenolol Tenormin timolol Blocadren pindolol Visken acebutolol Sectral labetolol Normodyne or Trandate Blood Vessel Dilators hydralazine, Apresoline minoxidil Loniten(**) Hormone inhibitors captopril Capoten enalapril Vasotec lisinopril Prinivel or Zestril Calcium Channel Blockers nifedipine Procardia verapamil Isoptin or Calan diltiazem Cardizem nicardipine Cardene
Amlodipine * Norvasc Captopril * Capoten Hydrochlorothiazide * Microzide Lisinopril * Prinivil, Zestril
quinapril); with the body's Lotensin production of a (benazepril); and chemical that Capoten (captopril).
captopril First and only ACE inhibitor approved by the FDA for treating diabetic nephropathy specifically in patients with type 1 diabetes and specifically for the brand- name formulation of the drug, Capoten.
The only other such exceptional case that I have seen in more than 50 product categories was the cardiovascular drug Capoten.
ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors, including Capoten, Vasotec, Prinivil, and Zestril, cause blood vessels to dilate.
DRUG BRAND NAMES Acarbose Prandase, Precose Amlodipine Norvasc Atenolol Tenoretic; Tenormin Captopril Capoten Enalapril Vasotec Fosinopril Monopril Irbesartan Avapro Losartan Cozaar Lovastatin Mevacor Metformin Glucophage Nisoldipine Sular Orlistat Xenical Pravastatin Pravachol Ramipril Altace Simvastatin Zocor
The company's pharmaceutical business remains strong despite the patent expiration of its Capoten cardiovascular agent in 1996.
McAllister has worked on the development of such major pharmaceutical products as Lupron, Pravachol, Capoten, Kerlone, Cardene, Calan, Avandia, Actos, Teveten, and Atacand.
Amoxicillin-clavulanate * Augmentin Azithromycin * Zithromax Candesartan * Atacand Captopril * Capoten Fluoxetine * Prozac Nortriptyline * Aventyl, Pamelor Simvastatin * Zocor Valsartan * Diovan