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Further, the French had just been forced to send troops to bolster Italy in the wake of the Italian disaster at Caporetto, meaning that the French would have to augment their forces in the Middle East with local troops.
Furthermore, I have also discovered that Hemingway's descriptions of the preparations for the Italian offensive that begins at Plava, and the rain in the retreat from Caporetto, were constructed by appropriating further details from Trevelyans memoir.
Fino alla rotta di Caporetto, fino cioe all'autunno del 1917, la guerra italiana si era caratterizzata per una strategia aggressiva basata sull'attacco frontale alle posizioni nemiche, in sostanza sul binomio fuoco di artigliera assalto della fanteria.
At the battle of Caporetto in 1917, the young Erwin Rommel used such tactics to bypass forward defenses and capture an Italian infantry regiment with only a few German companies."
Women initiated the tragic 1917 general strike in Turin, shortly before the dramatic Italian defeat at Caporetto. The army was called upon by the authorities to control the crowds and fifty civilians--men, women, and children--ended up dead, with hundreds wounded.
But the book is set against the lead up to the previous year's disastrous Italian defeat at Caporetto, much less familiar to British audiences than the Western Front, but brilliantly evoked here.
This is a modern reformulation of Auftragstaktik in the German army as mission-type orders debuted at the battle of Verdun and were applied extensively at the battles of Riga and Caporetto. By 1918 the entire German army had been trained in this philosophy as part of the infiltration tactics that guided the Ludendorff offensives in the West.
The Battle of Caporetto in what is now Slovenia ends with nearly 300,000 Italians surrendering to Austro-Hungarian and German troops.
Alongside five French divisions, Alfred and the British troops were sent out to assist the demoralised Italian forces after 300,000 soldiers were lost in the Battle of Caporetto - 270,000 of them were taken prisoner of war.
Quando si verifico la rotta di Caporetto tutti fuggirono mentre lui solo, con alcuni sacerdoti, rimase a Treviso per essere in mezzo alla povera gente.
On October 26, 1917, I bayonet charged Italian mountain stronghold of Caporetto with just 200 men.
Neither Garry James' excellent July article, "The Spanish Connection," nor his January article, "Caporetto," mentioned the half-million or so 10.35mm "Smith & Wesson" revolvers made in Spain for Italy during WWI.
He proposes the possibility of an Italian collapse, as at Caporetto in 1917, two years earlier.
En 1917, en el clima de reconquista general despues de la batalla de Caporetto, las jovenes Exploradoras se distinguieron todavia en todas las actividades beneficas y patrioticas organizadas por los refugiados de los territorios invadidos y por las familias de los combatientes.