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of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter


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(4) En 825, una capitular de Lotario documenta la gran dificultad de escolarizacion del norte de Italia; en esta ocasion el rey establecio nueve centros donde los habitantes de las areas circundantes podrian enviar a sus hijos (Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Capitularia, II, p.
Carine Van Rhijn summarizes studies of the MGH Capitularia, Concilia and Capitula Episcoporum, demonstrating that the divisions between these three types of documents are not clear but that the latter should be qualified based on their addressees, which were secular priests.
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the counts who cut placita short to go hunting, attacked by Charlemagne in capitularia, i (ed.
No instructions such as these accompany the book list in the introduction to Egbert's Penitential, however, and Fehr's source apparatus does not offer any promising leads, except to refer to two analogous passages in Wulfstan's Canons of Edgar.(11) Of course these latter kinds of instructions are commonplace in capitularia of the time; but for the moment we are concerned less with the fontes of these capitula than the fact of their immediate proximity to the book lists in two of AElfric's pastoral letters.
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