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Synonyms for capitular

of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter


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lt;<Attonis cardinalis presbyteri Capitulare seu Breviarium, ex Codice Vaticano>>, en Scriptorum veterum nova collectio e Vaticanis codicibus edita, VI, 2, Romae 1832, 60-102.
After an initial discussion of how the OCR was compiled, its relationship to the Hadrianum of 785, to the Capitulare adversus synodum sent to Rome in 792, and to Pope Hadrian's Responsum, the continuation of the chapter examines the contents and structure of the OCR in detail, a major contribution to our understanding of this oft invoked, but little parsed foundational text.
311-370 y Un'enciclopedia musicale del secolo XVII: il manoscritto "Musica" di Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz dellArchivio Capitulare di Vigevano.
40) Capitulare generale (anno 789), in Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Leges (General capitulary (year 789) in Historical Monuments of Germany, The Laws), vol.
Pocos anos mas tarde y en este contexto Teodulfo de Orleans bajo la supervision de Alcuino comienza a redactar una refutacion sistematica del concilio conocida como los Libri carolini o Capitulare de imaginibus (48).
It occurs only once in a cartulary by Charlemagne for the region of the Agri Decumates within the Upper Rhine and Danube, Capitulare de disciplina palatii Aquensis (a.