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a building occupied by a state legislature

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the government building in Washington where the United States Senate and the House of Representatives meet

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she has been made to wear much stranger garments in America than those she pines in, in the Capitol.
Having withstood such strong attacks upon my fortitude, it is possible that I may be of a cold and insensible temperament, amounting to iciness, in such matters; and therefore my impressions of the live pillars of the Capitol at Washington must be received with such grains of allowance as this free confession may seem to demand.
Pandora was even more interested in Mount Vernon--when at last its wooded bluff began to command the river--than she had been in the Capitol, and after they had disembarked and ascended to the celebrated mansion she insisted on going into every room it contained.
Toward the last, as they drew near Washington and the white dome of the Capitol hung aloft before them, looking as simple as a suspended snowball, he found himself, on the deck, in proximity to Mrs.
Designed by Thomas Jefferson in 1785, the national historic landmark was one of the country's first state capitols.
Most of the capitols offer tours and Bright took them all.
Capitol police must strike a delicate balance between accommodating public access to the capitols and other state facilities and protecting the officials and employees who work in these buildings.
Amtrak Capitols service is provided in partnership with the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA).
Amtrak California's Capitols have reported a steady increase in ridership.
Patronage on the Capitols has been rising steadily," Richard noted, "but Caltrans has been focused on a limited market of chiefly recreational riders and mid-day business travelers.
Passenger traffic has grown steadily on Amtrak California's Capitols and now averages more than 1,100 passengers per day, according to Cindy McKim, Caltrans deputy director for Rail, Transit and Aeronautics.
Gibson, the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee, and condenast.
Mayor Kathy Sands of Auburn has been named Chair of the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) Board by her fellow board members.
WHAT: A groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate $88 million in track and station improvements to support additional Capitol Corridor trains between Oakland and San Jose WHEN/WHERE: Friday, September 27, 2002 at 2:08 p.
Analysts International Corporation, a diversified information technology consulting firm (Nasdaq:ANLY), announced today that it recently completed a Web-based B2B-commerce hub for Capitol Sales Company, Inc.