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a hill in Washington, D.C., where the Capitol Building sits and Congress meets

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to our nation's capital to attend information sessions, participate in advocacy training, and lobby on Capitol Hill.
The unseemly nature of the accusations already has operatives on Capitol Hill mulling the immediate consequences of Farenthold's place on the Republican food chain.
In preparation for their meetings on Capitol Hill, more than 90 PERCENT of Members indicated the IREM website dedicated to this years event was helpful.
The official called the lobbying effort a 'flood the zone' strategy, in an apparent acknowledgement of just how hard it will be to win Capitol Hill approval.
The fire broke out at Frager's hardware and paint store, on the Southeast side of the Capitol Hill on Wednesday night, sending black smoke billowing over the neighborhood, which could be seen miles away.
Additionally, participants will be thoroughly briefed on relevant industry issues in preparation for their meetings on Capitol Hill with members of the U.
convenience store population (which is more than 146,000 stores) was represented on Capitol Hill.
A block of rooms has been reserved under "Fusion Power Associates" at the nearby Capitol Hill Suites, 200 C Street SE.
IN AN EFFORT TO BE CLOSER TO THE LAWMAKERS ON CAPITOL HILL, The Organic Trade Association (OTA), based in Greenfield, Mass.
On October 2nd, 2009, ACEI Executive Board members Christine Chen, Vidya Thirumurthy, and Karen Foster accompanied ACEI's Executive Director, Diane Whitehead, on a visit to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.
15-17 APHSA National Spring Conference Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill,
The four-day program included a discussion of how to use the media to influence public policy, a presentation from the director of the Health Resources and Services Administration's Division of Nursing, tips from Congressional staff about effective advocacy, training to prepare participants for their Capitol Hill meetings, a full day on Capitol Hill for visits with elected officials, and an overview of expected state-level attacks on nursing's scope of practice.
The changeover on Capitol Hill has reordered virtually every aspect of Washington's political culture.
Paulson theoretically believes tax increases at the highest bracket may be necessary as a bargaining chip to achieve a bipartisan grand compromise on deficit reduction on Capitol Hill.
Although I worked for the Democrats on Capitol Hill for many years, I have always thought that education is too important an issue to be partisan.
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