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the government building in Washington where the United States Senate and the House of Representatives meet

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It was announced that the flag would be removed from the capitol building and placed on a flagpole in another area of the capitol grounds the day Riley and his supporters arrived in Columbia.
The U-shaped Capitol Building, which stands where Osmena Boulevard and kilometer zero start, was inaugurated on June 14, 1938 by Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel L.
The meeting was held when Speaker Chambers received in audience at his Capitol Building Office, the visiting Chinese Parliamentary Delegation on a follow-up mission of China's development commitments to Liberia, following the just - ended Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Summit in Beijing.
PPOC officials said Mangudadatu had already sent an official invitation to President Duterte, asking him to inaugurate the modern capitol building.
Led by Vladimir Nieto of Lucena City, who is also the president of Konseho ng Herencia ng Lucena, Noel Bueza of Lucban, and Frank Cana of Calauag, the exhibit is held at the groundfloor lobby of the provincial capitol building here and is visited daily by students, arts enthusiasts and potential buyers.
| WASHINGTON, Oct 4 (KUNA) -- At a press conference here late Thursday, police confirmed the events that took place between the White House and Capitol building to be an "isolated singular matter" with "no nexus to terrorism." This however "does not appear to be in any way an accident," said Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier.
AN armed man sparked a terror alert at US Capitol building yesterday when he crashed his car through a security barricade.
Paul architect Cass Gilbert's entry won the design competition for the new Minnesota state capitol building. This beaux-arts masterpiece--which utilized Italian marble and featured a golden dome modeled after St.
Capitol building with WallBuilders President David Barton." Frist asked senators and their families to come enjoy a "Fresh Perspective on Our Nation's Religious Heritage with a Special Tour of the U.S.
You have probably read about how the 9/11 Commission was a bit disturbed by the confusion caused by the plane headed toward the Capitol building just before the Reagan service.
Capitol building and the Statue of Liberty; its expansion into global markets in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, India, South America and China; and its work in such sectors as commercial, educational, healthcare, hospitality, residential and retail design.
He added, however, that if conservative groups feel underrepresented in the footage, it might be because they traditionally hold their own rallies at the Capitol building or the Supreme Court rather than at the Lincoln Memorial.
Senate majority leader Tom Daschle received a contaminated packet at his office opposite the Capitol building in Washington.
State governor Gary Locke said the governor's mansion and Capitol building in Olympia suffered heavy damage.
The controversial Confederate battle flag flying over South Carolina's capitol building has the presidential candidates talking.
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