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a tax of a fixed amount per person and payable as a requirement for the right to vote

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Note also that in Kompong Svay, 47 per cent of declared rice field owners do not appear in the capitation tax registers.
The court agreed, finding the tax was more like a tax on a transaction than a capitation tax, and since the tax is imposed uniformly, Congress has the power to tax such damages under Article 1 of the Constitution.
A tax on wages is a capitation tax, not an income tax.
Suicide takes care of capitation tax obligations, and not buying real estate takes care of real-estate tax obligations.
Yet another relational metaphor we are now able to identify is the term "capitation tax." In a capitalist economy, the function of a capitation tax is to afford a sure revenue to the state (Smith, 1937-821).
Tolls and capitation taxes, taxes on luxuries including entertainment and amusement taxes and taxes on profession, trades, callings and employment.