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an estimation of the value of a business that is obtained by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the current price of a share

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The increase in the relative abundance of forest land is also reflected in a decline in its capitalized value. To see this, rewrite Eq.(12) as P(A(t))- [partial derivative]C(c;[alpha],[beta])/[partial derivative]c = B'(F) + [mu]/r = P(F(t)).
Because expedited production is to the advantage of the royalty owner, a managerial decision to delay activities on the lease diminishes the capitalized value of surface owner's royalty interests; (4) hence, to protect these interests, the courts impose fiats that forbid the adaptive latitude in timing that is critical to economic conservation of the resource.
Calculating the rent is one way to measure the value of this policy-created asset; its capitalized value also represents the maximum level of compensation that liquor store owners should receive in the event that wine is introduced into grocery stores.
This rate increase would cause a 13.5% decline in capitalized value from $5,281 per acre to $4,568 per acre.
The project would have cost the company half its capitalized value, according to Jim Kowitz, the interim refinery manager in 2008 when Murphy Oil ended exploration of the expansion.
Adaptation of marketing to all these environmental factors is still poor: about 80% of all top brands, the capitalized value of these fell in the last three years.
Three hundred thousand dollars is the capitalized value of his earning power.
Like many of its peers in the business, ACM's stock value has dropped so dramatically in recent months that the book value of its papers is out of whack with the capitalized value of the company.
According to economic theory, farmland values are based on the capitalized value of expected economic returns.
Thus, we propose an alternative way of measuring the current account, one that starts by defining net foreign assets of the country (NFA) as the capitalized value of the net investment income (NII), discounted at a constant rate of interest (r):
He develops a model for forecasting the capitalized value of annual net capital income and the net international investment position.
However, a look at equipment operating lease statistics only shows that the vast majority of the transaction volume is comprised of small and mid-sized transactions of less than $250,000, with average lease terms of less than four years, whose capitalized value would be less than 0.4 percent of assets and 1.2 percent of debt.