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Synonyms for capitalism

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These spontaneous institutions of workers struggle provide a potential ethical basis from which to criticise the alienation of capitalist society.
Monthly Review publishes excellent critiques of disastrous production within capitalist society.
The stark truth of the degradation of the environment fills me with a sense of anger and hopelessness, along with my contempt for the capitalist society that put us here (and which I know I as a consumer contribute to).
In capitalist society the price the capitalist pays to deploy commodified labour power, or the wage the free labourer is remunerated with must, at minimum, be equivalent to the cost of those commodities in the market necessary for the survival of the worker (which includes also the reproduction of workers as a class).
She argued that these women negotiated their personal space within the framework of a larger capitalist society and a smaller Islamist home; however, they were unable to disassociate their capitalist productivity with gendered household work.
08): "In a capitalist society there is only one value - money.
The information society, the knowledge-based economy, reality television and empowerment, the post-human zoo, HIV medical technologies, and agricultural biotechnology are among the myths about technology that social scientists identify in modern capitalist society.
THE capitalist society, which is run by, and for the benefit of, capitalists worldwide, is obviously not in good health.
In 'Child 44', Leo Stepanovich Demidov, an up-and-coming member of the State Security Force in Stalinist Russia, toes the party line: there can be no murder, for murder is a symptom of a capitalist society.
ACCORDING to the authors of this book, punk rock is about estrangement from, and opposition to, capitalist society, although it is also recognized that it has accommodative tendencies as well.
Loh predictably finds this "creepy," but she is on solid argumentative ground when she wonders why more conservatives don't share her reaction: "In a capitalist society work dictates the schedules, the deadlines, the urgency; product life cycles supersede family life cycles at every turn.
The public library in the United States has long been considered an important underpinning of its democratic and capitalist society.
is a capitalist society that requires energy--most now derived from fossil fuels--to run our factories and vehicles, light our cities, and heat our homes.