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So, capitalist society, as Hayek understands it, must operate on the principle that what is good or bad for its citizens is whatever they take to be good or bad for them.
An expanding world market spread the bourgeois ideology worldwide and created a capitalist society which produced economic losers (Brexit and Trump voters) that were exploited by the economic winners (the professional elite of the UK and the US).
These spontaneous institutions of workers struggle provide a potential ethical basis from which to criticise the alienation of capitalist society. (pp.
A "maximum" environmental program might critique the horribly wasteful production within capitalist society, hope for the possible arrival of socialism, but have no idea for getting from here to there.
This may be true, but I'm left with the impression that the authors suggest that any shift of priorities in a capitalist society represented in movements such as Fairtrade, organic productions and other consumer-citizens initiatives aren't worth consideration.
It is only in capitalist society, a society where accumulation of abstract wealth is the fundamental social goal, where the emphasis is paradigmatically placed upon the abstract-human attribute of labour.
In accordance with draft of the governmental decree on pay for health workers, salary of doctors should reach around 9,000 som, Health Minister Sabyrbek Jumabekov said at the session of the government today."Our society is building capitalist society. Health care services are largely free of charge today like in the Soviet period.
Seungchul Jeon, who opened his eyes to communism in his country of origin, is found at the margins of a capitalist society in South Korea as he confronted with its liberal mores.
Do you ever suspect that there is something fundamentally wrong with our capitalist society? Have you wondered what advice Karl Marx would give to the modern environmentalist?
Sadly, we are far from having anything like the necessary ideology and values among the passive, trivia-preoccupied consumers of late capitalist society. This sets the task for those who want to help solve global problems.
For all the differences between the political parties, there is a general agreement that we live in a capitalist society. The concept has its faults, but nothing so far has emerged to provide a viable alternative.
By taking their traditional forms of small-scale commodity production from the countryside with them when they migrated to the city, these women negotiated deals with ateliers and distributors as a means in which they could preserve their traditionally gendered social roles in a modem and capitalist society. They were already skilled in sewing, knitting, and embroidery and, without the need to learn such skills from scratch, they engaged in similar work when they arrived to the city.
Why don't we stop for a minute and understand that we live in a capitalist society. What will happen when we no longer welcome the main supporters of research, namely, pharmaceutical companies?
MR WARD makes an interesting point in his More or Bore column (12.12.08): "In a capitalist society there is only one value - money."
The information society, the knowledge-based economy, reality television and empowerment, the post-human zoo, HIV medical technologies, and agricultural biotechnology are among the myths about technology that social scientists identify in modern capitalist society. Most, they say, are deliberately planted to induce people to support the computer and electronic communications industries.